Idyll in Obermenzing

If you cross the city limits via the A8 coming from Stuttgart, you should definitely make a short detour to Blutenburg. Directly after the roundabout and before the gas station it goes into the Seldweg and a parking lot is found immediately.

A few steps and you will see the idyllic Blutenburg with its original castle church.
Why she is currently called Blutenburg, is no longer exactly understand. Maybe because Duke Albrecht III. has taken over the construction economically and has "breathe" in ancient bavarian. The first documents of the castle can be found in the year 1432. Duke Sigismund, son of Albrecht III. the castle then added 1492 to the castle chapel.

Duke Sigismund has been immortalized by the painter Jan Polack in the panel painting of the main altar together with St. Bartholomew.

In addition to the castle Grünwald the Blutenburg is the only medieval castle in the surroundings of Munich.

Immediately on the big lake, 2001 erected one of the many identically designed memorials of the artist Hubertus von Pilgrim, which is to commemorate the terrible death march of the prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp in the last days of the Second World War.
Since its renovation in the year 1980, the castle houses the Michael Ende Museum.

The castle is also famous for its International Youth Library. Here you will find children's and teen books from around the world, both in the original language and in German translation.

In the past there was a clear line of sight from the castle Nymphenburg to the castle Blutenburg, which unfortunately is installed today. Nevertheless, you can walk or ride the bike right through the green and along the Würm along directly to Nymphenburg Castle.

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