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Munich is the state capital of the Free State of Bavaria.

With over 1,5 million inhabitants, it is the most populous city in Bavaria and (after Berlin and Hamburg) the third largest community in Germany after inhabitants as well as the fourth largest city in the German-speaking area and the twelfth largest in the European Union. More than 2,9 million people live in the Munich metropolitan area, and the larger European metropolitan area of ​​Munich comprises around 5,7 millions of inhabitants.

Munich is counted among the world cities. The metropolis is one of the economically most successful and fastest growing in Europe. It is the seat of numerous groups, including five DAX companies (Allianz, BMW, Linde, Munich Re, Siemens). Here is the only stock exchange in Bavaria. In the city placements of the consulting firm Mercer, Munich took over infrastructure from less than 50 major cities worldwide in 2014 the second and quality of life the fourth place. On the other hand, the quality of life is increasingly due to agglomeration disadvantages, such as traffic and environmental pollution as well as very high home prices and rents Therefore, the living space per inhabitant is well below the national average. Munich is considered to be the safest community among major German cities over 200.000 residents in terms of crime rate of all crimes.

Munich was first mentioned in a document in 1158. The city became 1255 Bavarian ducal seat, was from 1328 to 1347 imperial residence city and became 1506 sole capital of Bavaria. Munich is home to numerous national and international authorities as well as important universities and colleges, major museums and theaters. Through a large number of interesting buildings including protected monuments and ensembles, international sporting events, trade fairs and congresses as well as the world-famous Oktoberfest, Munich is a magnet for international tourism.

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