Streetlife and Corso Leopold

Munich in May 2019

Streetlife and Corso Leopold
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Corso Leopold - Munich's biggest street party

Where else automobiles dominate the street scene, Corso Leopold conquers the street for the citizens. Since 2000 twice a year, this has been a great success and thrills up to 500.000 flaneurs every weekend in June and September. On 2,3 km between Odeonsplatz and Münchner Freiheit and in the future further into the Schwabinger Tor, north of the Georgenstraße on the Corso Leopold art and culture form the focus. Music, painting, theater, international cultures, cuisine, arts and crafts and not least politics and associations invite the flaneurs to inspiring amazement and social interaction. (Quote:

Streetlife Festival between Odeonsplatz and Siegestor

Oh Munich, you green city! Granted, if one thinks of Munich, the green city may not be the first association. The Oktoberfest, the Kaufingerstraße and full subways and roads should be given preference. An asphalted picture, hardly a trace of green. But Munich has a lot to offer all sorts of green space. And what even. For example, the English Garden is one of the largest inner city parks in the world. Furthermore, the Isar flows like a kind of blue-green lifeline across the city and makes it bloom and flourish on the Flaucher. Lovingly designed parks and gardens extend in all directions - in short:
The meadows are there, you just have to know where.

That's why "Green City" is this year's motto of the Streetlife Festival. It is both confession and appeal. A commitment to the fact that we can perceive Munich as a liveable city with many havens and an appeal to do the same more often. Green spaces can be found. They can be used. They can be created. Therefore come with us on a journey through the city and learn to see them with different eyes.
Get to know Munich as a green city. As a Green City. (Quote:

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